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If you’re happy to find the package with an appropriate balance between fees and features, purchase it. Just don’t forget that all out-of-the-box apps come with a pretty high price on extra services. Fintech and accounting software isn’t the largest category overall. The catch is that it can be used in any industry and for any money-related tasks, so you can classify applications by several features. To hire a development team, you have to spend US$12,000+ for a manual-entry finance app and US$16,000+ for a linked one.

What we have proposed is a list of current trends and steps towards success. Don’t be afraid of a deep dive – read, listen and compare. Make sure you cover not only traditional software tech and frameworks but also the cloud. The right cloud and support system for it can make the world of difference. Technology stack is extremely important, start with basics.

UX/UI Trends for 2022

Instead, keep improving and upgrading it as the feedback comes in–the process is a gradual one rather than instant. Here are some of the best Fintech Mobile Appsyou must go through to widen your research on fintech mobile app development. In this blog, we have gathered an epic piece of information involving everything you need to know for fintech mobile app development. It does not matter whether you outsource the mobile app development in India or China or your home country as long as the company can deliver.

What the application is all about should always come first, then the tech should follow. There are, however, solutions worth mentioning right away. To plant a seed and give you an overall look at the state of the industry. The application is agile, scalability is improved, time-to-market is significantly reduced. Blockchain and artificial intelligence (A.I.) integration is easier, as well as debugging and maintenance. What you have to do right now is to tell people how they can optimally use the app to reach their goals.

Product Design

Begins with designing and selecting the menu’s structure and navigation templates that best suit the system’s purpose and functionality. Level and compliance with legal requirements for information processing. If a user encounters technical problems, you should assist immediately. This option simplifies the management of various finances simultaneously and gives the app a competitive advantage. For startups to get their market share in the rapidly growing development sphere. Instead of providing services for free, your app can charge a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis.

finance mobile app development

They must have an option to personalize a home screen and multiple options within the app. Find out what makes your audience tick and what they are looking for. Focusing on real value and adressing real challenges will make your application stand out.


The location of fintech app development company also affects the overall price of the fintech software tool. While a European fintech app development firm shall quote you between $200,000 to $600,000, North American fintech mobile app development agency can go up to $600,000 to $800,000. Remarkably, a renowned Indian fintech app development company shall do the task at almost half of the prices quoted above.

finance mobile app development

Hence, app personalization is essential in the case of personal finance apps. Blockchain offers transparency with authentication which is unique for a personal finance app. finance software developer Mint stores user information and data in a secure database with 128-bit SSL-encryption. Appus Studio is a full-cycle app development company with the in-house team.

Software types and fintech app developers

Native applications are made for a particular programming language, while crossbreed applications are basically sites intended for use in an application. Local applications are all the more exorbitant to grow, yet offer upgraded execution. Regardless of whether the application will deal with Android, iOS, or both, likewise influences costs.

  • According to the World Bank, Pakistan ranks third in the world in terms of residents without any bank accounts whatsoever, and that is about 100 million adults.
  • Blockchain is a hot new technology that has multiple use cases.
  • Therefore, your application ought to be planned such that it can without much of a stretch get coordinated in different stages.
  • Artificial Intelligence implemented banking segments will, in general, be increasingly objective as they are not exposed to any one-sided choices, on account of human management.
  • The developers will get on with the front end development.
  • These social trade networks are great ways for traders to help other traders out, find out about new market opportunities and learn about technical and fundamental analysis.

We believe in high-quality integrated systems that delight users through stunning visuals and a smooth experience . We aim to find the optimal balance between speed & quality and commit to building products that reach your business goals and can scale by covering all the stages. Improved data management — Better data management solutions that improve business productivity while improving customer experience. Improved security — Built to offer increased security for businesses and customers by using the latest encryption technology. Here are some of the key aspects to consider when developing a financial app, including best practices as well as essential and advanced features. The improvement of processes and products should be made by adopting new technologies and providing quick responses to customers’ problems–this ensures the app goes from success to success.

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With the next-gen functionalities, we equip our Fintech apps to make finance super-convenient and more accessible to everyone. As a finance mobile app development company, we always try to provide the best solution for the client’s business and our expert team is always there to support in our endeavour. It is their expertise and undying efforts that we have addressed all projects till date with success. Our clients all over the world have found success with the solution we provide, thanks to our superior financial services app development. If you also want to add more accessibility, speed and security to your business, let Applab accompany you. As an entrepreneur, you must know how vital customer expenses are for any business.

A good mobile app development company can help you make a realistic mobile app development budget so you can bring innovation. Finance services are expected to be quick, accurate, secure, and seamless. Hence, if you are thinking of automatizing your traditional finance business operations, you should carefully choose a partner that is experienced in developing different types of fintech apps. Now comes the most crucial question – how much does it cost to build a fintech app?

Popular Personal Finance Management Apps

Therefore, the bank refused native development and focused on a cross-platform version of the smart banking app. So, a team of developers had to create the app for both Android and iOS, which significantly reduces the time and cost of the whole project. Asking users to enter their bank details on an online platform can often be tricky. This is why you need an app that has an optimized user interface and experience design. This helps to give users a sense of security and confidence in your product. Applab has the expertise to achieve such a trustworthy fintech app for you.

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